Intercontinental Partner &  Partnerlink assists clients from Europe and Africa to tap into commercial opportunities or to foster their business cooperation between the two inescapable business partners. We identify and promote commercial opportunities, advise on strategic collaboration and cooperate with agencies for EU and Dutch financing programs, legal support, marketing and sales services. Currently, we are actively assisting clients in the East African Community (EAC) - Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda and the Benelux – Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg.  



Fast facts

Intercontinental Partner & Partnerlink is a reliable intermediary and consulting partner that assists European and African clients of all size and from all business sectors who seek to tap into or foster their commercial activities between the two inescapable business partners.  

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Johannes Vermeerstraat 35

1318 HN Almere, Pays-Bas

M: +31 64 60 188 72


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